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Web Hosting

Web hosting is nothing but sharing the Disk space, CPU, Data transfer of a dedicated server with multiple customers as you. We not only provide you space but also tons of other wonderful features, tools, website builder, 1 click software installer, etc., all bundled with our web hosting plans. We providing Web Hosting Services in Delhi since 2000 and we own the servers. 90% of web hosting companies in India were running their business on rented servers from USA and they won’t have hands on access to those servers. The typical configuration of our shared hosting servers is with Dual Xeon Hex core Servers with 64GB RAM but most of other web hosting providers host the websites on desktop processor-based computers and call it as server. One major advantage of our shared web hosting is low latency but most of the others latency will be 5 times to 20 times higher than us. Hosting your website in India based servers will give much advantage in search engines because search engines love the websites with low latency.

Email Hosting

We Is Shared Web Hosting Right for Me? Shared hosting is a best web hosting platform for those who have modest hosting needs such small business, personal, schools, colleges, non-profit organizations and hobbyists with a blog. It is also the best method for those who are brand new to web server hosting will give a good learning curve to understand and explore. A recent study shows that 94% of domains were hosted in shared web hosting. Also, our shared web hosting packages were the great starting point if you're looking to launch a new website or project and are not quite sure how much space or traffic it will consume. Less than 1% of our shared hosting customers need more resources and they can easily upgrade to a VPS hosting or to a dedicated server hosting by paying the difference amount.

Apart from these, we also provide Enterprise Email Service on the Cloud, which is a special high availability enterprise class type email server installed on private Cloud servers. Web kwality is depending on the most robust data centers in terms of infrastructure in India. Our team of highly talented and experienced individuals is capable to handle the most difficult hosting scenarios based on the Windows 2008 R2 and the newly introduced Windows 2012 servers. Our Database professionals can also provide the help in installing, migrating, and even designing SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012 databases on our server machines. These unmatched services we are providing to customers in and Middle East made us highly recognized by serious users who wanted to leverage their web presence to another level.